• PMP featuring PMBOK 5th Edition

    A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge defines project as “a complex task with a start and ending point,” (PMBOK, 2013). The discipline of project management has various definitions. Some describe it as a systematic method of planning and guiding a project from start to finish, while others have defined project management as a methodical approach of achieving targets and goals while optimizing the use of resources such as people, money, time, and space.

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

    Every business, everywhere in the world relies on technology. MTA gives you the fundamental IT knowledge you need to contribute to business and technology decisions in more meaningful way. After earning your MTA certification, you’ll help bridge the gap between business and IT by improving productivity and quality. You’ll become a more trusted and valued contributor within your organization.

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate

    The CCNA curriculum includes a third course, Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX), a derivative works course consisting of ICND1 and ICND2 content in its entirety, but with the content merged into a single course.

  • Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

    The workplace demand for digital media skills - creating, managing, integrating, and communicating information by using Adobe’s dynamic multimedia, video, graphic, web, or design software - is on the rise. By certifying one’s skills, individuals can validate their technical abilities and demonstrate proficiency.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

    Computing proficiency is increasingly important in today’s business world. As an employee or job seeker, you can use technology certification to prove that you already have the skills you need to succeed. After earning your MOS certification, you’ll help bridge the gap between business and IT by improving productivity and quality. You’ll become a more trusted and valued contributor within your organization.

  • English for Modern Communication

    A course which can equip the participants with great confident to communicate effectively in everyday situation. Use interactive digital resources to help participants to increase active vocabulary, speak with better fluency and accuracy. Develop language and comprehension skills for the purpose of communicating in real life situation.

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  • Certiport


    TalentSource is Authorized Testing Center from Professional Certification Company Certiport

  • Pearson Vue


    TalentSource is Authorized Testing Center from Professional Certification Company Pearson VUE

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Our Product

The following training and certification that can be followed to improve your skills


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Bandung TalentSource


PT Bandung TalentSource (TS) was established in 2006 and was driven by the fact that Indonesia is not able to provide the required skilled and knowledgeable professionals to serve the need of the most growing and sustainable wireless mobile cellular industry in Indonesia, in terms of both quality and quantity. 

TS has been growing since then,  providing unique professional services to the telco, cellular and IT service companies in Indonesia especially the dominant telco companies, vendors, sub-cons, and also academic institutions  and shaping up itself to become a boutique telecom training service provider, business and management consultant, Authorized Test Center, as well as IT training services provider. 

As the world is moving into a new era of digital way of living with a remarkable pace, forcing government, corporation or individual to change and adapt, TS is seamlessly moving into the dawn of digitalization age of public services, corporate and community life. We have been delivering or digitalization services to companies in Indonesia since the last quarter of 2016.

We maintain strongly our distinct value proposition :

    • Born, grow and live as Indonesian , we understand the anatomy and behavior of Indonesian companies more then any big global consulting companies. 
    • We know that skilled, knowledgeable, high-performing talent is in scarcity in Indonesia, wherever you are, and that has motivated us not to provide traditional consulting services rather we design and deliver a program that combines talent development, consulting service and hands-on projects . This will ensure that our clients, by the end of our program,  will have a team that is ready to push forward the digitalization agenda for the company. 
    • Our program is always fully customized to the client’s need and situation. Systematic, with measurable objectives and work on the real issues of customer. 
    • We are experienced and advanced coach and mentor team and attend digitally, virtually 7/24 program participants and work a lot in collaborative mode with the participants.

At TS we created and hold up consistently the right mix of idealism and the discipline of a business entity, a high standard commercial company with a strong corporate citizenship. 


To be a reliable professional resource to help individuals, organizations and corporations in Indonesia addressing their challenges and help them moving to the next level using the current best practice, and state-of-the-art knowledge and skill.


We provide individual service or combination services of training, consulting and designing innovative latest-best-practice business projects, involving management, business and technological strengths, in reliable format and professional manner.

Business Focus

Digitalization of business process and product/ services, Business transformation to upscale and improve competitiveness. On an operational level we also provide Authorized Test Center for Learning Partners, IT and telecom engineering training Services  and Language Training (www.bandungtalentsource.com). 


Our Partners
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