We maintain strongly our distinct value proposition:

Born, grow and live as Indonesian, we understand the anatomy and behavior of Indonesian companies more then any big global consulting companies.

We know that skilled, knowledgeable, high-performing talent is in scarcity in Indonesia, wherever you are, and that has motivated us not to provide traditional consulting services rather we design and deliver a program that combines talent development, consulting service and hands-on projects. This will ensure that our clients, by the end of our program, will have a team that is ready to push forward the digitalization agenda for the company.

Our program is always fully customized to the client’s need and situation. Systematic, with measurable objectives and work on the real issues of customer.

We are experienced and advanced coach and mentor team and attend digitally, virtually 7/24 program participants and work a lot in collaborative mode with the participants.

At TS we created and hold up consistently the right mix of idealism and the discipline of a business entity, a high standard commercial company with a strong corporate citizenship.


Work process streamlining and automation (RPA)

Data Science, Machine Learning and AI solutions

Mobile application design and development

Talent Re and Upskilling - catching up the digital challenges

Strategic & specific domains, digitalization consultation services


  • End-to-end diagnosis and upgrade the established BCA automation process workflow.
  • Design the The BCA Automation Centre of Excellence  (BCA ACE) in three major milestones of  2021 , 2022 and 2024 to support BCA in an aggressive process automation upscaling journey that will impact all business and function units going forward 
  • This will ensure BCA to stay dominant and competitive in the industry 

  • Design, develop and POC implementation of Inventory Management System for Gadai outlets to established a more secure, efficient, customer friendly environment with centralized control system
  • Perform 14 major work processes in HQ and Regional Office in the area of Human Capital, Finance and G&A. Develop Process Automation using RPA and scripts to gain quick-win . Design a concept of Re and Upskilling (RUS) program for impacted employee

  • Annual Executive Industry Review  
  • TS presenting and discussing its research results and projection on cellular tower industry in the annual executive event of TBG 
  • TS research covers the business and competition landscape, the opportunities ahead and the related technology trend that will impact the business.


  • Peruri new Digital Business Development and Coaching
  • Setting-up a new team and  developing the new digital products that fit to Peruri brand as an industry with highly secured products 
  • Coaching the team on the products and the potential partners 
  • Building the new team capabilities in defining and accessing the target markets, performing customer relationship practice , doing the business planning  
  • Building up and launching Peruri Digital SBU (strategic Business Unit) 

  • Business Analysis and Consulting (Network, Device, Data Center) 
  • Supporting Agit to identify new business portfolio as part of business development exercise. Three potential new businesses have been internally identified
  • TS was assigned to present detailed comprehensive business analysis on each of the three identified topics. Discussing with Agit and making clear the profile of each one that supports agit to make their final decision 

  • Business process transformation in the factory and coach the factory core team to engage to the new digitally adapted work processes 
  • Helping INKA Multi Service to identify the new products and services that are feasible to create and push to support the future growth of the company 
  • The project was eventually also a project to change the work culture in the factory

  • HCM Roadmap Consultancy
  • GPDP VP & GM Level Training
  • Executive Bizplan
  • Corporate Account Manager Training
  • Network Service Area Manager Training
  • Branch Manager Training


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