We maintain strongly our distinct value proposition:

Born, grow and live as Indonesian, we understand the anatomy and behavior of Indonesian companies more then any big global consulting companies.
We know that skilled, knowledgeable, high-performing talent is in scarcity in Indonesia, wherever you are, and that has motivated us not to provide traditional consulting services rather we design and deliver a program that combines talent development, consulting service and hands-on projects. This will ensure that our clients, by the end of our program, will have a team that is ready to push forward the digitalization agenda for the company.
Our program is always fully customized to the client’s need and situation. Systematic, with measurable objectives and work on the real issues of customer.
We are experienced and advanced coach and mentor team and attend digitally, virtually 7/24 program participants and work a lot in collaborative mode with the participants.
At TS we created and hold up consistently the right mix of idealism and the discipline of a business entity, a high standard commercial company with a strong corporate citizenship.


Improving business acumen to high and middle management level in practical relevant terms

Implementing Corporate Plan by hands-on coaching/ mentoring to high and middle management level

Developing new digital products and business from ideas to execution

Digitalization of company products and processes

Business and company transformation to go to the next level and engage the digital revolution




  • HCM Roadmap Consultancy
  • GPDP VP & GM Level Training
  • Executive Bizplan
  • Corporate Account Manager Training
  • Network Service Area Manager Training
  • Branch Manager Training

Tower Bersama Group

  • Annual Executive Industry Review

Astratel and Astra Graphia

  • Business Development Consulting (Network, Device, Data center)

Ciba Vision Batam Factory

  • Quality Culture and Maturity

Yayasan UNPAR

  • C-Campus Master Development Plan Consultancy


  • Digital Business Development Coaching

PT INKA Multi Solutions

  • Business Transformation and Development Coaching


Digitalization of Business and Organization

  • Setting up of digital team
  • Developing digital products/ services
  • Changing business processes and way of working
  • Digital business models

We provide a full range of program,

  • from basic awareness until implementation planning,
  • workshop and real project assignment, to ensure understanding, and hands-on experience

We provide customization by conducting preliminary research before preparing and delivering the most suitable program for client

Courses , Training, Workshop , Seminar

  • Lean start-up, lean BMC, KPI and metrics
  • School Management System (SMS)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Data Scientist
  • Start-up business A to Z

Digital Solutions/ Platforms

  • Digital signature
  • e- document seal
  • Secured code (SQRC) and RFID
  • Human Resource Management with Bots
  • Integrated end-to-end warehouse and logistic management

Talent Acquisition

Providing talent search dan selection services as required by business / organization on all level of assignment, from fresh grad to highest senior position. We primarily base our search in Bandung area by working closely with universities and other sources. We do interview, screening and customized boot-camp programs for clients so that clients can acquire the right talent/ people they need.